Dark and grey…

Midi 3 Way

Each season I feature ways to re-create my favorite runway looks (my 2016 recreations can be found here, here and here).  Some of the hot trends for Fall 2017 include fringe, checked fabrics, velvets, midi length skirts and dresses, broad shoulders and the color grey – all featured above.  After countless hours spent viewing the shows from New York, Milan, London and Paris I keep coming back to the fashions created by Lela Rose, Victoria Beckham, Christian Siriano, Isabel Marant and Michael Kors.

Any of the ‘3 Midi’s’ pictured above (all from Michael Kors Fall 2017 collection) would be easy to sew and flattering to almost everyone.  Of course, some basic pattern alteration would be required (either by extending hemlines and/or altering the skirt side seam angles) but anyone with moderate sewing skills could easily make the changes before cutting out the pattern.  After you’ve finished the garment accessorize as you see fit and you’ll be ready to rock fall…

Perfume |  Earrings   |  Skinny Belt   |   Gloves  |   Ankle Booties
Perfume   |   Earrings   |   Bag  |   Pumps
Perfume Earrings   |  Belt  |   Bag  |   Boots

Next up – more of my ‘Recreating the Runway’ series featuring my favorite floral and velvet looks.

*Dark and Grey – Kid Rock

Must be the season of the witch…

Green and grey and black (aka: Halloween Mantle 2017)

The only time I feel inspired to decorate my home is between summer’s end and Christmas. Now that it is ‘officially’ fall I am planning my Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas mantle looks (see my 2016 looks here and here).

This Halloween I am feeling inspired by the way black, silver, grey, dirty white and olive green look together.  I will reuse my ‘Boo’ sign, buy a few led candles, ravens and assorted lanterns, and make the black feather wreath, branch bunches, and lace-covered, velvet, and glittered pumpkins.  Check back over the next few weeks as I post a few easy-to-follow ‘ tutorials and to compare how closely the eventual reality matches my vision.

*Season of the Witch – Donovan

Take you riding in my car…

Fat Tire Bikes

Plans change.  Instead of taking it easy my husband and I headed over to Asheville because, why not?  Have you been?  This was my first visit but not my last.  What a great, laid back, artsy hipster town (or at least the parts I spent time in).  Check it out…. Continue reading “Take you riding in my car…”

9-22 Ephemera

1725 German Wood Floor from the J. Paul Getty Museum

Even though we are experiencing summertime temperatures today is officially the first day of fall and I am more than ready for autumn.  Between weekend travels that have taken me north, south, and east to see my children and preparing for the opening night of an art installation next week I haven’t had much free time to explore the web but did manage to stumble upon the following:

I am looking forward to having the next few days off and hope to finalize my Halloween mantle decorations (see last year’s design here), watch the new Kingsmen movie, catch some football (go Eagles!), and cook (I am hoping to make Smoky Pasta alla Vodka and Slow Cooker Honey Lime Ginger Pork).  Hope you have a relaxing weekend doing the things that make you happiest…

As the world falls down…


I have not been a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction since reading The Road (which still gives me occasional nightmares) so I was surprised to find myself engrossed in ‘Bannerless (Bannerless Saga #1)’, by Carrie Vaughn, from the very first page.

After finishing Bannerless I decided if I survive some world-altering event I hope to end up in a Coast Road-like society, where conservation is king, tolerance rules, and government is low-key and localized. Individuals must earn the right to breed and crimes are primarily crop surplus or ‘bannerless’ pregnancy related.  That is until a murder occurs, and Enid of Haven (our protagonist) is charged with figuring out what happened and by whose hand. Bannerless alternates between a coming of age love story and whodunit tale while exploring the meaning of family, responsibility, and shared history.

Ms. Vaughn is categorized as a YA fiction writer.  Is it wrong that this Grey Goddess still enjoyed her tale?  I hope not, because there are more Bannerless books to come and I want to read them all.

How about you?  Do you like post-apocalyptic fiction?  What are you reading now?  I just began The Driver (by Hart Hanson, which I am also enjoying) and would love to know what books are keeping you up and reading late into the night…

*As the World Falls Down – David Bowie (Labyrinth)

Dedicated follower of fashion…

Grenadine Tawny Port Ballet Slippers

If you are a ‘dedicated follower of fashion’ you know the Spring 2018 shows are in full swing at NYFW.  In the real world it’s time to think about fall, the upcoming holidays (Halloween! Thanksgiving! Christmas!) and replacing tiny bathing suits with oversized sweaters.

The 2017 fall colors and trends include red, burgundy, navy and grey (four of my favorite colors) featured in furs, velvets, winter florals, midi skirts, and statement earrings, to name a few.  I’ve been browsing through the September issues of Bazaar, Vogue and Porter, along with surfing the web, and found a few things that check my Grenadine, Tawny Port, and Ballet Slipper boxes.

9 West Scastien Slouchy Boot  |  Cozy Fleece Hi/Lo Pullover   |  YSL Rouge Pur Couture Dazzling Lights Lipstick  |  Zara Satin Floral Midi Shirt |  Sunset & Spring Framed Satchel  |  MOMA Maasai Glass Earrings
Jocelyn Feather Bolero  |  Zara Floral Print Kimono  |  Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon Parfum  |  Theory Boatneck Cashmere Sweater  |  Target Large Stone Double Drop Earrings  |  Zara Gathered Leather Over the Knee Boots  |  Convertible Bucket Bag Backpack
Miss Dior Parfum  |  Karinkalt Leather Trim Print Dress  |  Quay Australia Muse Oversized Aviator Sunglasses  |  Kate Spade Blushing Blooms Drop Statement Earrings  |  Chelsea Suede Boots  | Zara Shaggy Textured Coat

Over the next few weeks I will check my favorite navy, grey and spruce ‘boxes’ and show you how to recreate some of my favorite runway looks.  Stay tuned…

*Dedicated Follower of FashionThe Kinks

Embrace another fall…


Fall 2017 New Reads

Even though fall doesn’t ‘officially’ begin until September 21st Labor Day always marks the beginning of autumn for me.  I am ready to put summer behind and embrace the fall – for me the season of football, oversized sweaters, hearty meals eaten fireside, and lots of reading.  Here are a few of the books I am looking forward to reading before the arrival of winter…

  1.   Future Home of The Living God – Louise Erdrich (available November 14th)
  2.   Manhattan Beach – Jennifer Egan (available October 3rd)
  3.   The Address: A Novel – Fiona Davis
  4.   The Golden House – Salman Rushdie
  5.   A Boy in Winter – Rachel Seiffert
  6.   Here We Are Now – Jasmine Warga (available November 7th)
  7.   See What I Have Done – Sara Schmidt
  8.   The Indigo Girl – Natasha Boyd (available October 3rd)
  9.   Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng (available September 12th)

How about you?  have you read any good books this summer? Are you looking forward to reading anything special this fall?  I’d love to know…

*Embrace Another FallRobert Plant

Greasy gears on a carnival ride…


I can’t pinpoint when my love of fairs began but it started at a very early age. Community fairs, school fairs, county fairs, state fairs – I love them all.  While each style of fair is unique all fairs have things in common, including entertainment, contests, rides, pageants, games of chance and food… Continue reading “Greasy gears on a carnival ride…”

8-23 Ephemera

Zebrafish eye and neuromasts
Ingrid Lekk and Steve Wilson, University College London

I spent a lot of time last week exploring ‘all things eclipse’ prior to viewing the big show on Monday, along with preparing for a one-day geneticists meeting, planning a water conservation art installation for September, and driving to Indianapolis and Mobile to help my children get settled into their new apartments and another year of college.  What little free time I had left was spent watching pre-season football (Go Eagles!) and web-surfing.  Here are a few things which captured the totality of my attention (and hopefully yours as well).

Hope your week (and upcoming weekend) leave you inspired…

*Mess Around – Ray Charles

Set the controls for the heart of the sun…

Eclipse Mania

On August 21st everyone in the US will, weather permitting, experience some part of the total eclipse of the sun.  Here in Nashville, we are expecting 500,000 visitors to join us residents in watching the totality, which is expected to be a two-hour show from start to finish.

Since I forgot to buy glasses I plan on going old-school and make my own out of a Lucky Charms box.  If you purchased glasses check to make sure they are ISO 12312-2:2015 solar glasses to avoid damage to your eyes.  There are a lot of fakes out there (in our area, a local school district and college just destroyed thousands of dollars of non-ISO solar glasses purchased by accident).

I’ve been spending a lot of time checking out NASA’s Eclipse 101 exploring all things eclipse.  You can find interactive maps and eclipse activities, enter the eclipse quilt design contest, learn about eye safety and even watch the live feed on August 21st.

Check out  astrophysicist (and my sewing buddy) Natalie Hinkel explain why she loves space, the stars, punk rock, and drinking.  Her enthusiasm is infectious (and is partly to blame for my own eclipse excitement)!

Did you know the Monday’s eclipse has been nicknamed the ‘Great American Eclipse’ because it will cross through the United States and no other country.  Check out more fun eclipse facts and indulge in some sweet planet lollipops at the same time.

I wish I had some little ones to share the eclipse viewing with. If I did, I would get them ready for the big event with a game of Solar Bingo or by reading Dr. Seuss’s There’s No Place Like Space (sadly, minus Pluto).

Special events deserve to be remembered with special art.  To commemorate the event I plan on buying a t-shirt and poster (or two) from artist, astronomer, and night sky ambassador Dr. Tyler Nordgren at Space Art Travel Bureau.

Finally, I am going to keep Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on rotation as I watch the eclipse in all of its epic totality.  I can’t think of a more perfectly suited opus to accompany the earth and sun as they perform their eclipse duet.

How about you?  Are you psyched about the eclipse? Will you watch? Do you have any special eclipse viewing plans?  I’d love to know…

*Set the Control’s for the Heart of the SunPink Floyd