Pomp and circumstance…

Graduate Records

I’ve spent the last two weeks running three back-to-back celebrations which have kept me pretty busy.  My favorite event of the three was a graduation celebration for nine young artists (each an accomplished musician, film maker, actor, writer, or game designer).  I created a piece of art to record their accomplishments, which was framed and given to each along with a beautiful monogrammed leather folio…

*Pomp and Circumstance, Op. 39, March No. 1 in D major – Edward Elgar 

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That’s nine shots…


March 9

I am reading the last of my holiday books (here) and am about to place the order for my next nine.  I will be packing ‘Big Little Lies‘ and ‘The Mothers‘ in my beach bag and am looking forward to reading each as I soak up the sunshine at the Venetian Pool and Cape Florida State Park in a few weeks.  How about you?  What are you reading?  Do you have any ‘beach read’ recommendations I can add to my next ‘9’ list?  I’d love to know…


Jean genie…


...Lives on your back

For me, a denim jacket is one of THE fashion classics, never going out of style. I own two jackets that have been part of my wardrobe for 30+ years. These jackets have transitioned from their initial indigo brilliance to a beautifully faded cornflower blue that evokes memories of past adventures each time I wear one.

Levi’s makes the penultimate denim jacket, averaging around $100, but you can find jackets everywhere from Walmart to Bergdorf Goodman at every color, style, and price point imaginable.

The embellished denim jacket is another ‘Statement Jacket ‘ for spring (see the statement blouson here) which makes for a really easy DIY project (limited only by your imagination and/or craft skills).

A Google search for embroidered patches (including shapes, florals, and slogans) results in endless resources to choose from. You could also use studs, rhinestones, fringe, fancy braid, safety pins, fabric, or anything else you can think to turn your generic jacket into an embellished  statement of your own!





My coat of many colors…

2 Bombers 4 Ways

This spring fashion is all about the Statement Jacket!  The variety of styles and treatments available to buy or make is endless and only limited by the wearer’s imagination (or pocketbook). Today I’m showcasing two versions of the bomber jacket that would be easy to make if you are so inclined.

I really like Joie’s Mace Floral Silk Bomber Jacket.  If you are going to make a similar look there are endless fabric choices to choose from.  Silk, cotton, velvet – almost any fabric would work well.  I’m leaning toward some sort of silk brocade with cord trim and a satin lining to make my own version of the look.

The Elie Tahari Glenna Sheer Floral Lace Bomber Jacket is another favorite of mine.  It’s a look designed for casual sex appeal and could be dressed up or down.  I’d love to make something similar in the sequin and beaded tulle (which would weigh a ton but look awesome!) but will settle for using a burnout fabric instead. Once I’ve finished I’ll wear it with a black tank, faded boyfriend jeans and black sandal – the perfect outfit for a night of clubbing in Miami next month.

Next up…denim jackets done 3 ways.


Thank you very much….

And I am

Last week I featured a mantle design that I hoped to make for Thanksgiving. I was aiming to have everything finished a few days ago but…..I actually finished an hour ago.  In between getting our turkey in the oven and planning my weekend shopping I am so thankful…for my family and friends, for my health, for my faith, for my creativity, and most importantly for each day I wake up and get to do it all over again.  Happy Thanksgiving!

I love to take a photograph….


Imagine if you can

Lately I’ve really been into staging our living room mantle.  For years its primary purpose has been to showcase an ever-changing homage to birthday cards, athletic awards, professional recognitions, flowers, books, special pictures, academic achievements and the like.   My first attempt at a creating a mantle ‘look’ was this past Halloween and I was so happy with the results (see my dream and reality here) that I am attempting a Thanksgiving look next.

The hanging rectangles (pictured above) represent photos of special people, places and things near and dear to my family’s heart. I’ve got to look through TONS of physical and digital pictures which might take some time since it’s hard for me not to get lost down memory lane when I look at the captured moments of our lives.  Once I have enough images then I will mount each one on cardstock and hang from the ceiling using white and gold ribbons.

A quick trip to JoAnn for paper mache letters, primer, and metallic gold paint should translate to a shiny ‘thankful’, which may (or may not) end up nested in fresh magnolia greens. Candles? Again, I am not sure.  My way is to dive into the making of a thing and see what happens.  Once I begin to hang our thankful photos the final design will suggest itself (or at least I hope so).

Check back next Monday to see how it all comes together…I’d be thankful if you let me know what you think of the outcome.



It’s creepy and it’s spooky…

The reality

I did it!  A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to decorate my mantle by Halloween and I actually finished the project with one day to spare!

The inspiration

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Dress it up…

Part 1: A DIY take on A Detacher Fall 2016 – Florals

In the past few weeks I’ve featured my DIY take on leopard and velvettwo of the hot fashion trends for Fall 2016. Another trend I love is wintery florals, especially when used in a dress. My closet already contains every style dress from A-line to wrap that range from casual to formal for every season imaginable.   I’ve always loved the ease of a dress and how it can camouflage real (or imagined) flaws. All that’s needed to complete your look are killer shoes and sparkly bling before you head out the door for whatever adventure awaits.  While I try to ‘recreate the runway’ look as closely as possible who says you need to do the same? Half the fun is finding the right floral fabric – not to mention shoes and accessories – for your own runway recreation!

Part 2: A DIY take on Temperly London Fall 2016  – Florals

Sprinklin’ the oogly all under my bed..

My mantle come 10/31…or sooner

Now that my children are old enough to make their own costumes I can focus on decorating our house (or at least one room of it).  It’s time I retired the plastic skeletons and stuffed witch I’ve been using for decades and adopted a new look for Halloween (which signals the start of the holiday season for me).

Should I focus on inside-only decorations? Or go for the yard display instead?  I know I don’t want to go ‘all out’ because come November 1st I’ll have to take everything down and pack it up (plus find a place to store it for another year).  That means inside-only but what theme should I adopt? Cutesy? Gory?  Classy fright?  After searching West Elm, Pier 1, Target, Hobby Lobby, Joann, Williams & Sonoma, Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie, Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus for inspiration I’ve come up with a black/creme/silver mantle idea that will look pretty freakin’ cool if I pull it off.

To do so, I could buy everything and finish the mantle in a day but where’s the fun in that? Instead, I’m budgeting $40 for supplies and will attempt to make the twig wreath, pumpkins, signage, books and apothecary jars (although I’ll definitely buy the birds – there’s a limit to my crafting abilities).  Follow me over the upcoming weeks and see how I’m progressing – hopefully I’ll be able to show you how closely I came to creating my original idea (and sticking to my budget) before October 31st!

Velvet if you please…

Last week I featured my first Fall 2016 Trends – ‘Recreating the Runway’ looks, which focused on leopard.  Next up…velvet.

Part 1: a DIY take on Elie Saab Fall 2016 – the Skirt

Models who walked Elie Saab’s Fall 2016 show looked like groupies on their way to an exclusive after-party, decked out in their finest laces, leathers and velvets.  The outfit pictured above could work for any age or size and would be very easy to make. Start with any basic full skit pattern, extending  the length and adding pockets if necessary. Use a burnout velvet for the skirt and a sheer black fabric for the lining. Make a full-sleeved turtleneck blouse in a rich organza or a lightweight knit or skip this step and use a turtleneck you already have.  Finish recreating the look with lace-up pumps, a wide western belt, chandelier earrings, and a few tassel or lariat necklaces.

Part 2: a DIY take on A.L.C Fall 2016 – the Coat/Dress Ensemble

I did not technically see this A.L.C. look stroll down the runway. Instead, I stumbled upon this coat and dress at the Neiman Marcus site while searching for shoes. A google search later and I had discovered designer Andrea Lieberman’s richly colored, elegantly simple creations.  To recreate this look I’d make the Burda trenchcoat in a silk velvet with a satin lining, leaving off the front pockets and transferring the right flap to the left.  I’ve opted for a simple sheath dress pattern made from a stretch velvet in the same color as the coat fabric. Since it’s important that the coat and dress are the exact same color you might need to choose one fabric to make both.  Complete the look with a great pair of gold heels (the higher the better), some simple gold jewelry, and a deep red lipstick…and an after-party or two!