I’ll always love my mama…

Happy Mother’s Day

Every mom mothers in her own unique way.  My mother had my sister and I when she was very young and I am not sure how she and my father actually managed to be such good parents, practically being kids themselves.  Somehow, they managed to raise two educated, liberated, creative, self-sufficient globe-trotting daughters before it become common to do so.  While my dad taught us to use tools and take care of our cars my momma taught us how to read and write, keep house, cook, bake, sew, embroider, knit, crochet, garden, watch soap operas, and enjoy a gossipy coffee klatch all before first grade.  It wasn’t until I had my own children that I realized the unrelenting work a mother does or how effortlessly my mom handled the job.  She set a great example for me to follow, for which I am deeply grateful.  Thanks my momma!

*I’ll Always love My Mama – The Intruders

What a difference a day makes…

Orgami animals by Emre Ayaroglu

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks in my life, beginning with excruciating back pain and ending in an amazing new career which has made me feel like I’ve won an award for Best Job! In between (and because I’ve never met an awards show I didn’t like) I’ve also watched the Golden Globes, Super Bowl LI, the Grammys and in a few hours…the Oscars.

I’ve only seen 3 of tonight’s contenders; Hell or High Water (which accurately sums up the movie’s chances of winning best picture), Captain Fantastic (Viggo IS  fantastic in this role) and Zootopia (animation – and a whodunit – at its best).  Regardless of how  many of the nominations I’ve see, each year I fill out a ballot with my predictions and then tune in for the fashion and the flubs. This year will be no different, but if the show gets too boring or the speeches too political I’ll end up exploring newest favorite web ‘rabbit holes’, including…

  • An article about a 2016 presidential candidate touring America on a coffin sharped bus to promote transhumanism (a subject I am now strangely fascinated with)
  • The Orgami Revolution, a documentary about the science and mathematics behind the art of paper folding
  • Forget the clothes…I am fascinated by the Fall 2017 Fashion atmosphere and sets
  • A list of the best movies from 2016 (some nominated tonight) to add to your Netflix/Hulu/Amazon queue (and Vanity Fair’s Oscar Ballot if you want to see how well you can predict tonight’s winners)

Hope your next week is award worthy…

Love the one you’re with..

Condom love

It’s no coincidence that we celebrate Valentine’s Day and National Condom Day on February 14th. If you are looking for love remember to use a condom when you love so you can continue to love for a long long time. If you plan on staying home to spend time with those you already love have a wonderful day celebrating why you love each other.  And remember…no matter how you love, or whom you love, or if anyone else understands your love…today of all days, love on.


Wish this pain would go away…

“God Save McQueen” Memorial Scarf  @ Augusta Auctions

For the past week I have done nothing but lie flat on my back, trying to recover from a bulging disc.  I’ve binge watched so many episodes of Real Housewives (Atlanta! Beverly Hills! London!) and Fixer Upper that I am feeling an overwhelming need to get a spray tan and a tight dress so I can shiplap my entire house. I’ve played endless rounds of online Scrabble (W 10 L 2) and surfed the web for anything to keep my mind off the pain.  Here are a few things that caught my eye:

Hoping you have a lovely – and pain free  – weekend!

Welcome back my friends…

And we’re off…

Happy 2017 everyone. I hope Santa treated you well and you got to spend lots of quality time with those you care most about. I enjoyed a week of downtime and cooked, binge-watched movies, TV shows, and sporting events (Go Clemson), and played nightly cutthroat Scrabble games with family and friends.

I am not a big one for New Year’s resolutions (see here). Instead, I use January 1st to brainstorm about the future.  Last year, I hoped to find inspiration through books, movies, fashion, travel, and art. Looking back through my posts from the past year I can say that I was definitely achieved my goal, finding influence through my travel (here), fashion (here and here), and reading (here and here).

As for 2017, I will continue to find inspiration as I always have while setting a few goals for myself (such as posting on a more regular basis).  As the year proceeds I will be sharing my creations and adventures with all of you so stay tuned.  And thank you for reading – it means the world to me.

All the best for 2017!


Motion pictures…

1 down…8 to go

One of my favorite Thanksgiving-Christmas traditions is to see as many new movies as possible.  I love everything from the lobby posters and displays (which I used to build) to the overpriced refreshments (I am a coke and popcorn kinda’ girl) to the previews and finally the movie itself.  About the only thing I don’t like is the ‘roller coaster’ intro, which makes my motion sickness kick into high gear every time!

After what seems like a months-long movie drought I am looking forward to the following November-December releases:

I also saw my ninth pick,  ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ , this past weekend as a respite from 3 days of football and turkey.  I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, which cast a sneaky sort of charm over the audience.  It was beautifully shot, with lots of CGI as you might imagine. Was it great? No…but it WAS entertaining (no nudity! no cursing! no drugs!) and appropriate for wizards, muggles, non-mags, and beasts of all ages.

How about you?  Do you like to see movies when they come out or do you prefer to wait and watch them from the comfort of your couch?  Are there any movies you want to see this holiday season? I’d love to know…


11-18 Epherma

It’s the Great Pumpkin

With Thanksgiving only days away I am preparing to have my family under the same roof for the first time since August.  We’ll be cooking up our traditional feast (turkey, sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, mushrooms, bourbon cranberries and crescent rolls – YUM!) and watching a lot of football and Netflix to kick off the holiday season.  I’ll spend this weekend working on my ‘Thankful’ mantle design (see my vision here) and hope to show you the finished product on Monday.  Until then, here are a few things from the world wide web that captured my attention this week…

  • I spent some time looking at the million plus Instagram Thanksgiving Pics
  • I’ve been browsing magazines of every kind at Issuu – including an endless stream of holiday catalogs to inspire my holiday shopping
  • I love me some books and plan on reading at least 6 of the Washington Posts’s 10 best books of 2016 (plus 100 more, just in case)
  • I need to visit Amsterdam so I can have Fashion High Tea at the Museum of Bags and Purses

What are you up to this weekend?  Whatever it is, here’s hoping it goes well…


How much should we give…


I spent my afternoon walking through the Field of Honor at The Hermitage.  The exhibit features 50 rows of 20 flags each, many sponsored by local businesses and proud families, all standing in tribute to our veterans past and present.  The display overlooks the graves of Civil War soldiers from both sides and taken together make for a somber and reflective experience.  If our veterans and their families hadn’t made the sacrifices they did (and do) I would not have the freedoms I so often take for granted.  My sincerest hope is that everyone take a moment on Veteran’s Day to remember our military men and women, and if you happen to see a soldier say ‘thanks’.  It’s the least any of us can do.


9-16 Epherma

Tin Art at the Sorbello Girls Vegetable Stand

I spent a lot of time at various airports over the past week and had plenty of time to surf the web.  Here are a few sites that helped me to pass the time while I waited between flights….

This weekend I am taking a quick road trip to Jonesboro to watch rugby (Go Badgers!) with a pitstop in Memphis for some BBQ. How about you?  Any travel plans this weekend?  Or will you surf the web instead?  I’d love to know…