Mainline Florida, oh say…

Vacation time is almost here!  I am counting down the hours until we board a plane to Miami for a week of sun, food, sightseeing and LOTS of music.  Schedules and obligations have forced us to postpone our Cuba trip but we already have so many Florida activities on our agenda I doubt we’ll miss Havana much at all.

Since 5 of the 7 nights will see us in a bar or a casino I’ll be packing a variety of black looks.  Not gonna lie, there’s also a bit of ‘high school reunion’ mentality going since I want to live up to my 80’s ‘Black Leather Woman’ moniker.  I’ve got the [fake] leather covered  and will cut off the neck and arms of my Miami Punk High School Reunion T-shirt to wear with…

[Punk] Rock and Roll High School
Spaghetti Strap Tanks  |  Miami Punk High School T-shirt  |  Calvin Klein Sequin Tunic  |  Lancome Le Metallique Lip Lacquer  |  Silver Hoop Earrings  |  Beaded Mesh Coil Bracelets  |  Pleather Leggings  |  Floral Palm Tree Leaf Bandana  |   Cat Eye Sunglasses  |  Prada Candy Rollerball  |  Dr. Scholl’s Warner Wedge  Sandals  |  ASOS Chelsea Ankle Booties

I also want to sport some color, if for no other reason than to set off the tan I’m planning on getting!  I’ll be packing these outfits for our night at the casino (more music) and our evening in Coral Gables…

I-ko I-ko un-day
Ericdress Shiny Fluid Sequined Clutch  |  Snowstorm in the Jungle by Iko Iko  |  SparkleBeastDesign Rhinestone Bib Necklace  |  Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Maxi dress  |  Origins Ginger Essence Rollerball  |  Urban Decay Super Shine Vice Lipstick  |  Felicity & Coco Crepe Shift Dress  |  Trina Turk Rectangle Stud Earrings  |  Kare Spade Menorca Ankle Strap Sandals

I’ll be sharing my vacation itinerary next so stop back soon. And if you have any places in Miami we should eat at, shop at, or play tourist at I’d love to know so we can check them out during our visit!



That’s nine shots…


March 9

I am reading the last of my holiday books (here) and am about to place the order for my next nine.  I will be packing ‘Big Little Lies‘ and ‘The Mothers‘ in my beach bag and am looking forward to reading each as I soak up the sunshine at the Venetian Pool and Cape Florida State Park in a few weeks.  How about you?  What are you reading?  Do you have any ‘beach read’ recommendations I can add to my next ‘9’ list?  I’d love to know…


What a difference a day makes…

Orgami animals by Emre Ayaroglu

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks in my life, beginning with excruciating back pain and ending in an amazing new career which has made me feel like I’ve won an award for Best Job! In between (and because I’ve never met an awards show I didn’t like) I’ve also watched the Golden Globes, Super Bowl LI, the Grammys and in a few hours…the Oscars.

I’ve only seen 3 of tonight’s contenders; Hell or High Water (which accurately sums up the movie’s chances of winning best picture), Captain Fantastic (Viggo IS  fantastic in this role) and Zootopia (animation – and a whodunit – at its best).  Regardless of how  many of the nominations I’ve see, each year I fill out a ballot with my predictions and then tune in for the fashion and the flubs. This year will be no different, but if the show gets too boring or the speeches too political I’ll end up exploring newest favorite web ‘rabbit holes’, including…

  • An article about a 2016 presidential candidate touring America on a coffin sharped bus to promote transhumanism (a subject I am now strangely fascinated with)
  • The Orgami Revolution, a documentary about the science and mathematics behind the art of paper folding
  • Forget the clothes…I am fascinated by the Fall 2017 Fashion atmosphere and sets
  • A list of the best movies from 2016 (some nominated tonight) to add to your Netflix/Hulu/Amazon queue (and Vanity Fair’s Oscar Ballot if you want to see how well you can predict tonight’s winners)

Hope your next week is award worthy…

Jean genie…


...Lives on your back

For me, a denim jacket is one of THE fashion classics, never going out of style. I own two jackets that have been part of my wardrobe for 30+ years. These jackets have transitioned from their initial indigo brilliance to a beautifully faded cornflower blue that evokes memories of past adventures each time I wear one.

Levi’s makes the penultimate denim jacket, averaging around $100, but you can find jackets everywhere from Walmart to Bergdorf Goodman at every color, style, and price point imaginable.

The embellished denim jacket is another ‘Statement Jacket ‘ for spring (see the statement blouson here) which makes for a really easy DIY project (limited only by your imagination and/or craft skills).

A Google search for embroidered patches (including shapes, florals, and slogans) results in endless resources to choose from. You could also use studs, rhinestones, fringe, fancy braid, safety pins, fabric, or anything else you can think to turn your generic jacket into an embellished  statement of your own!





My coat of many colors…

2 Bombers 4 Ways

This spring fashion is all about the Statement Jacket!  The variety of styles and treatments available to buy or make is endless and only limited by the wearer’s imagination (or pocketbook). Today I’m showcasing two versions of the bomber jacket that would be easy to make if you are so inclined.

I really like Joie’s Mace Floral Silk Bomber Jacket.  If you are going to make a similar look there are endless fabric choices to choose from.  Silk, cotton, velvet – almost any fabric would work well.  I’m leaning toward some sort of silk brocade with cord trim and a satin lining to make my own version of the look.

The Elie Tahari Glenna Sheer Floral Lace Bomber Jacket is another favorite of mine.  It’s a look designed for casual sex appeal and could be dressed up or down.  I’d love to make something similar in the sequin and beaded tulle (which would weigh a ton but look awesome!) but will settle for using a burnout fabric instead. Once I’ve finished I’ll wear it with a black tank, faded boyfriend jeans and black sandal – the perfect outfit for a night of clubbing in Miami next month.

Next up…denim jackets done 3 ways.


Love the one you’re with..

Condom love

It’s no coincidence that we celebrate Valentine’s Day and National Condom Day on February 14th. If you are looking for love remember to use a condom when you love so you can continue to love for a long long time. If you plan on staying home to spend time with those you already love have a wonderful day celebrating why you love each other.  And remember…no matter how you love, or whom you love, or if anyone else understands your love…today of all days, love on.


I wonder….

Enter a caption

I love – and hate – when I begin a book that I can’t put down so I speed read late into the night just to see what will happen next and before I know it I’ve finished the tale. That’s what just happened with Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder.

The story takes place during the late 1850’s in a small out-of-the way town in Ireland and revolves around two characters: Lib, an English atheist and Florence Nightingale trained nurse and Anna, a devoutly Catholic 11-year old who has survived on ‘manna from heaven’ for 4 months. We follow Lib and Anna over a two-week span of time, as they go from wary strangers to fast family. Along the way questions of family, faith, science, service, media, and fame are explored. Ms. Donoghue is so adept at weaving a nuanced, layered tale I found myself going from ‘no way’ to ‘what if’ before ending in ‘of course’ after finishing the last page and then immediately wanting more.

This is the third Emma Donoghue book that I’ve read and she has become one of my favorite fiction writers. I first read Room, which I found to be claustrophobically incredible (although it left me with no desire to view the movie adaptation). My next Emma book was Frog Music , a murder mystery about a cross-dressing, bicycle riding frog catcher that I learned was based on actual people living in San Francisco during the smallpox epidemic and heat wave of 1876. After reading a bit more about Ms. Donoghue I am adding The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits , Life Mask , and The Sealed Letter to my must read list.  If these books are half as good as the first three I will be in for a real reading treat.

How about you. Have you read any of Emma’s books?  Which was your favorite?  Id love to know…

My gal is red hot…

Feeling Red

It’s been fifteen years since the first National Wear Red Day, which sought to educate women about the number 1 lady killer – heart disease.  A decade and a half later heart disease still kills too many women, often because they fail to recognize the warning signs specific to females.  Help your heart stay healthy by exercising, following the food pyramid eating guidelines, quitting smoking, and having your cholesterol levels checked. You can also sport some red this Friday to let the world know just how much you value your heart – and the hearts of those you love!

Queen of Hearts T-shirt  |   Shy Siren Red Crystal Teardrop Earrings   |   Mila Suede Pumps  |    Two Piece Lace-up Ballet Flats   |     Olivia Miller Alura Chain  Wrapped  Heart Cross-body Bag   |   Guerlain  Rouge D’Eenfer Nail Polish   |   Silk Squirrel Orchid Scarf   |   City Chic Fit & Flare Red Lace Dress   |   Joyce Trimming Velvet Flower Pin   |   Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo Red Lipstick